Heating Solutions for your Retrofit Project

When it comes to retrofitting older inefficient heating solutions you want to offer your customer’s solutions that help them achieve two important results:

  • Provide a warm and comfortable environment inside their buildings

  • Save money on their energy bills during the heating season

With High Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) equipment you have the ability to achieve these results when retrofitting both unit heater and steam boiler heating equipment. 

Our Retrofit Education videos will provide you with an overview of how HTHV technology can be used in different retrofit opportunities, the importance of training your service technicians on Cambridge equipment and the different controls options that are available on our units.

Retrofit Education Videos

Below is a series of 6 educational videos on how to improve retrofit business for your organization. 

Grow Your Retrofit Business with Cambridge HTHV Technology

Switching to HTHV technology can help save your clients on their energy bills and also improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the building.

Grow Your Business through Boiler Retrofits with Cambridge Engineering

Making the change from boiler heating to HTHV technology can deliver a win/win experience for your clients and your organization.

Replace Unit Heaters with Partial Retrofits

Marc Braun explains the concept of the partial retrofit and how it can be used to increase business in the short and long term.

CJ Automotive:
A Cambridge
Success Story

Dave Binz discusses the improved working conditions in the facility and the energy efficiency making this switch has provided.

Cambridge Engineering Contractor Training

Provide the highest level of customer service and improve your technical knowledge regarding Cambridge Products.

Variable Ventilation Controls with Cambridge Engineering Direct Fired

Marc Braun explains the different types of controls on Cambridge Direct Fired units.