S-Series High Efficiency Space Heater – An Overview

Cambridge HTHV Space Heating Systems are designed to meet a building's heat and air load requirements. Our unique Blow-Thru design, with 160°F maximum temperature rise and discharge temperature, delivers more usable heat and thermal comfort with minimal temperature variation throughout the heated space. This High Efficiency space heater 40% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat large commercial and industrial buildings.

Specs & Techs

High Efficiency Space Heater

  • 100% Combustion Efficiency
  • Blow Thru® Technology
  • Up to 14,400 CFM
  • Natural Gas or Propane

High Efficiency Heating for:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Indoor Sports Facilities

Desiged for Maximum
Operating Efficiency


Engineered to Your Facility


S-Series High Efficiency Space Heater Applications

The most energy efficient way to heat both new and existing buildings with large open spaces such as: warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing & assembly plants, indoor sports facilities, automobile dealership service bays, car washes, aircraft hangars, boat storage WWTP facilities and other commercial/industrial facilities.


Enhanced Comfort with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Discharge air from the S-Series Space Heater, provides large volumes of fresh, warm air flowing throughout the building which eliminates higher ceiling temperatures and uncomfortable drafts. The S-Series Heater utilizes 100% fresh air to dilute contaminants generated within the building. This virtually eliminates air quality problems associated with infrared heaters or conventional air heating systems that just recirculate indoor air.

S-Series Blow-Thru® Space Heaters are 40% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat/ventilate large commercial and industrial buildings. Energy saving HVAC retrofits include replacing Boiler, Unit Heater, Air Turnover, Infrared, Make-Up Air (MUA) and Recirculation (80/20) heating systems.



  • More heat, less energy and better indoor air quality
  • Proprietary high efficiency, stainless steel burner
  • Certified for both 160°F temperature rise and 160°F discharge temperature at 0°F outside air
  • 100% fresh outside air
  • Unique Blow-Thru design extends the life of critical components
  • The industry's best warranty package includes 2 years on the heater and 5 years on the stainless Cambridge burner
  • Compact, lightweight, pre-piped and pre-wired to make installation and start-up easier
  • Compact size takes up no valuable interior storage or production space


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Mounting Options

Rooftop Installation

Thru Wall Installation

Under Roof Installation

Outdoor Vertical Installation

Indoor Vertical Installation

Ready to add this high efficiency space heater to your new commercial or industrial building? Are you interested in retrofitting an existing building with high efficiency heating solutions? Contact Cambridge Engineering today to schedule a lunch & learn to get more information on the S-Series High-Efficiency space heater.