Natural Gas Energy Efficient Space Heater

Energy Efficient Space Heaters - The SA-Series By Cambridge Engineering

SA- Series High Efficiency Space Heaters exhibit an innovative, compact design for commercial HVAC, offering flexibility to be used for various building types and applications. It is a highly efficient direct replacement for unit heaters and doesn't have all the complexity of a condensing system. 

When properly applied, our highly efficient space heaters will heat the least amount of fresh air required to address the facility's air infiltration, make-up air and space heating needs. 

The SA-Series energy efficient space heaters can be installed in new construction projects, as part of a plant expansion, a renovation as part of an HVAC upgrade or an energy saving retrofit.

Specs & Techs

High Efficiency Space Heater

  • 100% Combustion Efficiency
  • Blow Thru® Technology
  • Up to 1,700 CFM
  • Natural Gas

Most Energy Efficient Way to Heat

  • Small Warehouses
  • Auto Service Areas
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Fire Stations

Desiged for Maximum
Operating Efficiency

 SA-Series High Efficiency Space Heater Designed for Maximum Operating Efficiency


What Are Some Features and Benefits to an SA-Series Energy Efficient Space Heater?

  • Our SA-Series high efficiency heaters are classified as High Temperature Heating & Ventilation units, a new class of products created by the Department of Energy (DOE). Using HTHV heaters for a structure is the safest and most energy efficient way to provide heating, ventilation and destratification.
  • Cambridge utilizes proprietary Blow-Thru technology not found in conventional draw-thru make-up heaters. By having the Cambridge burner downstream of the blower, the motor, bearings and other components remain in a cool air stream. This technique extends the life of these critical components.
  • The low voltage hot surface igniter with Cambridge's patented Low Fire Start provides the most dependable and energy efficient gas ignition system for direct fired heaters.
  • Computer energy modeling paired with over 300 on-site building studies have found that Cambridge SA-Series Space Heaters are 40% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat/ventilate large commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Proprietary high efficiency, stainless steel burner and flame rod reduces the need for continuous maintenance and extends service life. 
  • The SA-Series Space Heating unit is lightweight and is pre-piped and pre-wired to make installation and start-up quick and easy.

Additional SA-Series Energy Efficiency Space Heater Features

  • Certified for 160°F discharge temperature
  • Brings in 100% fresh outside air for proper safety and superior indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • A Compact design means the unit takes up no valuable interior storage or production space.
  • Designed to have flexible installation options
  • Produces up to 1,700 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • A high 10:1 induction air mixing ratio minimizes air stratification
  • Exceeds the Department of Energy's (DOE) 90% High Efficiency gas fired technology standards
  • Every unit is tested fully assembled to minimize the initial start-up time


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​What Kind of Building Needs an SA-Series Energy Efficient Heater? 

We understand that building owners and contractors have different needs for different applications. At Cambridge, we design our products for flexibility in installation and application. With several available mounting options, our SA-Series space heaters are the most energy efficient way to heat both new and existing buildings with large open spaces, such as:

  • small warehouses
  • aircraft hangars
  • farm and agricultural buildings
  • parking garages
  • loading docks
  • gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities
  • automobile service and repair facilities
  • manufacturing and assembly plants
  • fire stations
  • bakeries, restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • retail stores
  • green houses
  • waste water and sewage treatment areas




SA-Series Mounting Options

The SA-Series Energy Efficient Space Heater is designed to be the most flexible heater on the market by giving building owners various mounting options.

Rooftop Installation

The rooftop horizontal mount configuration utilizes a rainhood provided with a metal inlet screen, allowing fresh air to enter and circulate downward, while keeping rainwater out of the system. An adjustable mounting stand allows the heater to be mounted level.

Natural Gas Energy Efficient Space Heater - Rooftop Installation

Thru Wall Installation

Thru Wall Installations allow fresh air to flow straight through the system with the unit's rain hood keeping water out. This mounting option runs the unit through the building's wall trim and is suspended from hanging rods and brackets.

Natural Gas Energy Efficient Space Heater - Thru Wall Installation

Thru Wall-Spiral Installation

The Thru Wall-Spiral installation allows for the unit to be installed through the wall with a round duct connecting on the outside to the rainhood and inside to the inlet transition.

Natural Gas Energy Efficient Space Heater - Thru Wall Spiral Installation

Under Roof Installation

Fresh air enters through the bottom of the top chamber and is carried through an insulated inlet elbow, eventually fed into the building through a discharge duct along the unit itself.

Natural Gas Energy Efficient Space Heater - Under Roof Installation