Infrared Gas Fired Heaters


**As of 2018, Infrared gas-fired heaters are no longer part of the Cambridge product line.**

Our approach to heating large open spaces starts with our HTHV products. But, we recognize that not all buildings are the same. There are those unique circumstances, based on a buildings design, where our HTHV products cannot distribute warm air to a small section of a building. It is in these areas that we recommend pairing infrared tube heaters to supplement the energy efficient HTHV units that are heating the majority of the space. Infrared heaters should only be used as a secondary heat source for spot and zone heating small occupied spaces within a larger facility. When combined, Cambridge infrared radiant heaters and direct-fired S-Series HTHV heaters can be a cost-effective building heating solution for those more difficult applications.

To find the tech manual for your Cambridge ITH-Series product, please visit this page.