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The Challenges of Industrial HVAC Applications

Industrial facilities have a strong need for ventilation and exhaust replenishment to replace existing building air with clean, fresh air. A make-up air unit is designed to “make up” air in your interior industrial space when you have exhausted all that is available or the quality is poor. This type of industrial ventilation solution pulls in fresh, tempered air from outside your building to replace existing air that cannot be recirculated. Make-up air is especially beneficial in buildings where environmental conditions warrant a greater need for ventilation not only to improve the quality of air within the building, but protect the health of those inside.

Leading facility owners and operators are building (and retrofitting) their facilities into models of efficiency and sustainability. Industrial facilities are investments in efficient technologies that span all facility systems including lighting, facility envelope, and HVAC. While most facility owners still pursue single technology improvements, market leaders bundle together energy saving technologies in a more comprehensive approach to get deeper savings and greater lifecycle value.

Industrial Heating & Ventilation Systems from Cambridge®

At Cambridge, we manufacture products that utilize 100% outside air to provide the ventilation, exhaust replenishment, tempered air cooling and heating specifically for these types of industrial structures. From our M-Series make-up air units (MAU) to our energy efficient S-Series direct fired space heaters that boast HTHV technology, we can achieve the ventilation, exhaust replenishment, tempered cooling and heating needs of any industrial facility.

Our M-Series lines of MAUs are the ideal choice for industrial ventilation. These make-up air systems provide the necessary exhaust replenishment, additional ventilation or tempered air cooling requirements that industrial facilities need to meet IAQ compliance standard or employee comfort requirements.

Our S-Series line of HTHV products range in BTU capacity from 250,000 to 3,200,000, are the most energy efficient industrial heating solutions available and when combined with our MAUs will meet the HVAC requirements for an industrial facility.  

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