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When it comes to industrial facilities, we believe owners should not have to endure outdated and complicated Process Heating and HVAC systems. Retrofitting buildings with a distributed network of right-sized, right-located HVAC units and dedicated Process Heating systems can maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort. Additionally, industrial retrofits lower maintenance, operating, and replacement costs as well.

Recognizing the Complexity of Industrial HVAC, Process Manufacturing, and Process Requirements

Industrial facilities today don’t have to be new
in order to be efficient

Leading facility owners and operators are retrofitting buildings into models of efficiency and sustainability. Industrial retrofits are investments in efficient technologies that span all facility systems, including lighting, facility envelope, and HVAC. While most facility owners still pursue single technology improvements, market leaders bundle together energy saving technologies in a more comprehensive approach to get deeper savings and greater lifecycle value.

Recognizing the Complexity of Industrial HVAC, Process Manufacturing, and Process Requirements

Why Dedicated HVAC Systems Are
Better for Your Facility

Many facilities’ current boiler-driven process systems barely resemble their original design. Increasing the size of these systems to handle the heating requirements as well as the process loads added massive complexity and simply doesn’t make sense today.

By retrofitting your building's existing heating, ventilating, and process steam systems with right-sized and right-located dedicated systems, you can:

Production processes and technologies have changed

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce asset replacement costs
  • Reduce system complexity
Why HTHV Is Advantageous for Heating Industrial Facilities

Why HTHV Is Advantageous for Heating Industrial Facilities

High Temperature Heating & Ventilating (HTHV) direct-fired 100% outside air technologies

Retrofitting buildings with HTHV technology and High Velocity Blowers provides destratification. Temperature stratification is a major issue in all high-bay industrial applications in the wintertime and must be addressed through the proper selection of destratification technologies. A recent study published by the Department of Energy titled Field Study of High Efficiency Gas Heaters looked at the energy savings accomplished with HTHV 100% outside air direct-fired technologies. The report states: “As evidenced by the temperature readings near the floor and ceiling, the new (Direct-fired 100% Outside Air HTHV) gas heaters reduced stratification, maintained more uniform temperature distribution, and consumed 20% less natural gas.”

Makeup Air Units Provide Proper Ventilation and
Filtration Essential for IAQ and Safety

“Three fundamental measures will greatly reduce the likelihood of IAQ problems: good building and ventilation design, effective building maintenance (particularly of the HVAC system), and thoughtfully designed and executed renovation projects.”

Improving Indoor Air Quality at Work
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

Integrated Controls Are Critical

Integrated Controls Are Critical

Your team understands that no matter how well designed your HVAC
systems are, they fall short of optimal efficiency without properly
designed and deployed controls. Cambridge Engineering offers 
several industrial control options available with an HVAC industrial 
retrofit project.

ROI Analysis Illustrates a Fast Return

The exclusive capabilities of Cambridge Engineering products for your industrial retrofit provide multiple dedicated systems to meet your unique requirements, enabling you to maximize your return on investment. The utilization of dedicated space heating, makeup air, andspot heating can be combined with reductions in process equipment loads for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Why Cambridge Engineering?

Simply put, a better HVAC commercial & industrial retrofit process will simplify your world.

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