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Challenges of Warehouse Heating and Ventilation

High-bay warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the US and Canada have a variety of requirements for their heating, ventilation and tempered air cooling systems. These warehouse heating and ventilation systems are designed to meet the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) requirements, occupant comfort requests and energy savings goals. Due to the height of the ceilings found in these buildings—not to mention the substantial number of loading dock doors—these building types are unique in their design and create some challenges. It is because of these unique properties that selecting the proper equipment for heating, ventilating and tempered cooling for warehouses can vary from building to building.

Cambridge® Warehouse Heating and Ventilation Solutions

Cambridge Engineering offers a wide range of warehouse heating and ventilation systems. We manufacture products that utilize 100% outside air to provide heating, ventilation, and tempered cooling specifically for these types of structures. From our energy efficient S-Series direct-fired heaters to our M-Series makeup air units (MAU), we can achieve the heating, ventilation, exhaust replenishment and tempered cooling needs of any warehouse or distribution facility.

The Cambridge S-Series and SA-Series lines of High Temperature Heating & Ventilation (HTHV) products range in BTU capacity from 250,000 to 3,200,000. They are the most energy-efficient solutions available for warehouse heating. The use of 100% air outside from these units provides the ability to meet the ventilation needs of ASRAE 62.1 during occupied hours or straight ventilation during the non-heating seasons.

The Cambridge M-Series line of makeup air units provide, if needed, the necessary exhaust replenishment, additional ventilation or tempered air cooling requirements that some warehouse and distribution facilities may need to meet IAQ compliance standard or employee comfort requirements.

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