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Manufacturing Applications

Manufacturing facility heating is unique and has specific requirements needed to be met. Similar to warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities are high-bay buildings and require heating and ventilation systems. At times, they require tempered cooling as well. Most often, their HVAC requirements are different and thus require a different mix of products to achieve the desired Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort needs.

Why Choose Cambridge® for Manufacturing Facility Heating and Ventilation?

Cambridge Engineering designs, manufactures and installs world-class factory heating solutions and ventilation systems across North America. We are a team full of problem solvers who are easy to do business with, ready to customize the perfect solution for your facility.

Whereas warehouses and distribution facilities can achieve their heating and ventilation needs with only our S-Series direct-fired space heaters (which utilize energy efficient HTHV technology), manufacturing facilities often need ventilation and exhaust replenishment to remove contaminants and other pollutants from the space. In those applications, the solution will require a larger number of Cambridge M-Series make-up air units (MAU).

Our S-Series and SA-Series lines of HTHV products range in BTU capacity from 250,000 to 3,200,000 and are the most energy efficient manufacturing facility and factory heating solutions available. The use of 100% outside air from these units also provides the ability to meet the ventilation needs of ASRAE 62.1 during occupied hours or straight ventilation during the non-heating seasons.

Our M-Series line of MAUs provide the necessary exhaust replenishment, additional ventilation or tempered air cooling requirements that some manufacturing facilities may need to meet IAQ compliance standard or employee comfort requirements.

WHAT TYPE OF Cambridge Unit DO I NEED?

Heating & Ventilation Applications for Manufacturing Buildings - Cambridge Engineering


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