Companywide incentive program

Vacation & PTO starts accruing on Day 1

Birthday and Holidays off

All program participants are eligible for benefits after 30 days:

- 401(k)

- Medical

- Dental

- Vision

- Life Insurance

- Short Term / Long Term Disability



Cambridge Unleashed is a 4-6 month seasonal work program for anyone interested in
Learning, Leading, and Launching their manufacturing career. This program allows
you to live our culture and gain hands-on manufacturing experience as part of our Cambridge family. 



The first 2-3 weeks of the program will be focused on job introduction and training in the areas of
manufacturing, safety, lean and culture. The learning doesn’t stop there.




You’ll have many opportunities to grow in your leadership skills at Cambridge.  Whether that is giving a grateful
appreciation shout out in the morning meeting, fixing what bugs you and making a simple video showing the improvement,
serving on a cleaning team, participating in a book club, or even leading the entire company in a morning meeting. 




Throughout the program, you’ll be working side by side with full time Cambridge team members though our
busy season ending on December 20. 

All program participants will be considered for open full time positions as they become available. 
The current trend is half of Cambridge seasonal employees earn positions on the team.

At the end of this program, one of two things could happen:


Launch your career at Cambridge!


Leverage your Cambridge Unleashed
experience to find the best fit for you.

See what our former seasonal workers (turned full-time employees) have to say about the experience!

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