Our team is excited to hear about your interest in visiting Cambridge!  Below is a message from Marc Braun, our President, as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare and request a tour. 

"It is awesome to be connected with other companies around the world pursuing a people centric continuous improvement culture.  The radical generosity demonstrated by leaders like you who have opened up their facilities to our teams has blown us away.  We are so honored and humbled to do the same for you and your team and look forward to sharing the day with you!"

- Marc Braun

Many have asked why we do these tours and our current answer is multi-tiered:

  1. Deeper Learning – When you teach you learn more effectively!
  2. Accountability – Others can hold us accountable for walking the talk
  3. Generosity – We are called to be generous and promised that our generosity will come back tenfold as long as it is done for others
  4. Network of Support – As you go down any journey like this, the path is winding.  It is a blessing to have others pursuing the same path to encourage and to be an encouragement.
  5. Leadership Development – Every one of our people can share the story of our Lean Journey, which is unbelievable!  Leadership development is the largest scalability issue for our business and so we are now growing leaders faster than we are growing the business!

In a Gallup poll done in 2016 it showed that 51% of U.S. Workers are not engaged!  This is a huge number and even with some degree of error factored in, not the way we want our companies to be run!  That’s why it is so important to us to share what we are doing to engage our employees every day and to continue to expose our teams to others on a similar journey!

Over the past 3 years, we’ve had visits from 200+ companies and have been working hard to understand how best to help people make the most of the time investment.  Commitment level has been key and so we’ve continued to refine how to help companies to assess their commitment level. 



We have been using 2-Second Lean as a foundational training tool for our teams.  If you are interested in coming to visit us, please do the following:

  1. Read the first 5 chapters (minimum) of Paul Akers’ book 2-Second Lean.
  2. Watch the Cambridge Playlist
  3. Tell us why you want to visit – either send an email or make a video! Videos have been central to our success in employee engagement and we’d love you to try it. Make a 45 - 60 second video (or write an email) that tells us about your journey, what you want to get out of your visit and/or a 2-Second Lean idea that you have implemented. Upload the video to What's App or send an email to dgibson@cambridge-eng.com.

Once we have received your video/email, you and 4 of your key staff will be approved to register for one of our tours.  This is an experiment to see if we can raise the level of impact that the tours have on companies and we hope you will enjoy the experience.  

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing your video and learning more about your journey!