The EPAC (engineered packaged adiabatic cooling) direct evaporative cooling (DEC) unit is for commercial and industrial applications where it is engineered to provide cool, fresh, conditioned air for your facility and create a more comfortable and productive work environment while using up to 70% less energy than conventional mechanical cooling systems. 



  • Engineered to be self-supporting, impregnated and treated to provide high absorbency 
  • 12” depth will provide saturation efficiency of 90% when operated around 400 feet per minute (fpm) face velocity 
  • 2” extruded aluminum frame to provide maximum strength and minimal deflection 
  • Panels are G90 galvanized steel and base is formed G90 12 gauge galvanized up to size 120 and structural 6”, welded ‘C’ channel, on the size 160 
  • Evaporative section is constructed from single wall 304 stainless steel 
  • Sump is constructed from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and fully welded 
  • Premium cooler pump provides water flow through clog less nozzles 
  • NEMA 3R control panel with a through the door non-fused disconnect switch 
  • Air is moved by a double width, double inlet forward curve fan which is statically and dynamically balanced 



  •  10 models ranging from 10,000 to 80,000 CFM 
  • Up to 4.0” Total Static Pressure 
  • Cambridge Factory Start-up 
  • Ability to win more projects 
  • Energy Efficient VFD controls 
  • Provides superior IAQ 
  • Reduces carbon footprint 



  • Installation flexibility with indoor or outdoor mounting options: rooftop or pad mount 
  • Walk in size access doors with easy opening Ventloc 310 latches combined with full height casings improves serviceability 
  • Multiple easy-access doors for quick start-up and maintenance 
  • Every unit is tested fully assembled to minimize initial start-up time 
  • Factory start-up available upon request 
  • CEI technical service department with over 50 years of experience can provide both onsite and telephone support 



  • Intake air hoods with a bird screen and racks for 1” or 2” filters 
  • Filters for the intake hoods are 2” deep permanent aluminum media 
  • Filters with a MERV 8 pleated media in 2” deep 
  • Flat full perimeter 14” high roof curb and are shipped knocked down 
  • Automatic Fill/Drain and Freeze Protection which includes an automatic 2-way drain valve and 3-way makeup valves, and are shipped separate for installation by the contractor 
  • VFD for the supply fan (without by-pass), which is factory wired and programmed to default settings including soft start. The VFD may be controlled through a transducer for filter loading or building pressure or by BMS. 
  • Remote control panel with switches for fan and cooling switches and indication 
  • Programmable room thermostat shipped loose for mounting and wiring by the installing contractor