Ventilation Retrofits

Outside Air Units (Makeup Air Units) Provide Proper Ventilation and Filtration Essential for IAQ and Safety

Industrial facilities routinely use ventilation and filtration to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Facility Engineers and Industrial Hygiene Engineers are tasked with protecting their employees from the harmful emissions of particles, gases, or microorganisms that can often be found in their facilities. In addition, these industrial sites have unique requirements for designing solutions that protect their sensitive manufacturing processes and components.

“Three fundamental measures will greatly reduce the likelihood of IAQ problems: good building and ventilation design, effective building maintenance (particularly of the HVAC system), and thoughtfully designed and executed renovation projects.”

Improving Indoor Air Quality at Work

American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

For these reasons, facility leaders often complete a ventilation retrofit to their facilities to employ an effective solution with the proper filtration requirements for unique applications… all while maximizing efficiency and operating costs.

Since safety can never be compromised in your facility, Cambridge Engineering provides multiple custom filtration and ventilation retrofit solutions that can be engineered to meet your specifications and requirements.