Integrated Controls Are Critical

Your team understands that no matter how well designed your HVAC systems are, they fall short of optimal efficiency without properly designed and deployed heating and/or ventilation control panels. Cambridge Engineering offers several industrial and commercial heating and ventilation control options ranging from simple and secure Industrial Remote Control Stations, to direct digital controls with BAS integration capabilities across multiple protocols (BACNet, LON,Modbus, etc.), to integrating your custom control packages.

These control packages offer the ability to program heating and ventilating schedules with override capabilities to further fine-tune your processes and control sequences for maximum efficiency and comfort. All of these options allow for control and monitoring while continually maintaining the highest level of Burner Management on board for safety and reliability.

With full modulation capabilities for both gas and airflow and near limitless digital and analog inputs, your heating and ventilation control options are infinite. Whether you are working to control temperature, pressure, ventilation, humidity, or some other key process variable, Cambridge’s industrial M-Series and S-Series are the best choice for your facility.