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  • Deliver Energy Efficiency Using HTHV Technology
  • Specify Safe Equipment
  • Provide Indoor Air Quality
  • Meet ASHRAE 62.1 Requirements 
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Not every commercial and industrial heating solution is created equally. With High Discharge Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) heating technology one piece of equipment can dramatically reduce energy costs and improve Indoor Air Quality at the same time you are heating commercial and industrial buildings.

How Cambridge Engineering Direct Fired Heating Solutions Work for You

At CEI we have been committed to building products that are both safe and energy efficient. 

Successful Cambridge system installations

Building Studies 
That Quantify Savings

Space Heated with Cambridge Equipment

DOE study confirms HTHV savings

"I use Cambridge because I need to know the products I specify are safe, energy efficient and easy to fit into existing buildings."

Joe Architect, Architects R Us
Joe's Architecture - St. Louis, MO

"The proven technology of Cambridge Engineering direct gas fired makeup air and space heating units is a market changer that is being deployed nationwide. A True Value Engineering alternative that facility owners will appreciate for many years."

Barney Builder, Architect
Barney's Buildings - St. Louis, MO

A New Way of Thinking

Some think that you can’t improve the efficiency of commercial and  industrial heating equipment...We know that Direct Fired HTHV heating technologies provide greater energy efficiency and IAQ than any other technology on the market today…and into the future.

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Engineering Specs

Engineering Specs

Download complete engineering specifications for all Cambridge Engineering commercial and industrial heating products.

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CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings

Download CAD installation and dimensional drawings for Cambridge Engineering commercial and industrial heating products.

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Learn more about direct fired makeup air, HTHV space heating, commercial gas heating and specialty heating applications.

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