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Building Owners

More than ever commercial and industrial building owners and facilities managers are turning to energy efficient products to enhance operational efficiency. As a decision maker you must see value and generate a rapid ROI from your HVAC systems. Building owners and managers are seeking the highest energy efficient technologies that provide immediate positive financial benefits from commercial and industrial space heaters and makeup air solutions.

The mantra for commercial real estate owners used to be location, location, location. Now it’s becoming location, efficiency, location.

How Energy-Efficient Heating from Cambridge Can Work for You

At Cambridge Engineering we understand these challenges very well. For over 50 years we have worked with building owners to overcome the problems of high equipment cost, high energy cost and poor indoor air quality with our line of commercial and industrial HTHV space heaters, makeup air units, and ventilation technologies. 

Successful Cambridge Engineering System Installations

Successful Cambridge system installations

Cambridge Engineering Building Studies

Building Studies
That Quantify Savings

Cambridge Engineering Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space Heated with Cambridge Equipment

DOE Study Confirms 20% Energy Savings Over Standard Unit Heaters

DOE study confirms 20% energy savings over standard unit heaters

Energy Saved at
City of Center Line Firehouse

John Michrina - Energy Saved at City of Center Line Firehouse Using Cambridge Engineering Energy Efficient Heaters

Meet John Michrina
City Manager - Center Line, MI

20% Energy Savings
at Langendorf Warehouse

Ken Arnsmeyer - 20% Energy Savings at Langendorf Warehouse Using Cambridge Engineering Energy Efficient Heaters

Meet Ken Arnsmeyer
Owner, Langendorf Supply Company - St. Louis, MO

Four Step Plan

Your business can take advantage of our energy efficient heating solutions by taking the following steps:


  1. Schedule a meeting with the Cambridge Engineering sales team
  2. Request a building walkthrough with your Cambridge representative and review the findings
  3. Implement energy efficient Cambridge Engineering HTHV or Makeup Air equipment
  4. Save money on energy costs and operating expenses

By installing Cambridge Engineering energy efficient heating equipment, your building will be more comfortable in the winter, your energy bills will be smaller and the world will be better off because you reduced your carbon footprint.


Case Studies

Cambridge has studied the heating systems in 400+ buildings. Examples of these, including retrofit and comparative studies, are available for download.

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DOE Study

DOE Study

Read the study from the U.S. Department of Energy that shows a 20% reduction in natural gas usage from Cambridge HTHV direct fired heating equipment.

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Building Studies

Building Walkthrough

Schedule a Cambridge Building Walkthrough to find out the most energy efficient way to heat your building.

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If you want to explore how Cambridge Engineering may be able to support your efforts to improve building conditions and lower operating costs contact us at 800-899-1989.