Genuine Cambridgecircle R Space Heater

"Nothing Else Like It"


10 reasons why there is nothing else like a Genuine Cambridge Blow-Thru Space Heater

  • 1. Experience
    Cambridge was the first to pioneer the concept of using direct gas-fired heaters for industrial space heating applications 50 years ago. In recent years, Cambridge has heated thousands of buildings and over one billion square feet.

  • 2. Cambridge Burners
    Unlike our competition, Cambridge designs and manufactures its own proprietary high efficiency, stainless steel burners. You can’t get the high performance of a Cambridge Burner unless you have a Cambridge Heater.

  • 3. Blow-Thru® Space Heater
    The Cambridge Burner, combined with Blow-Thru® technology outperforms every other direct gas-fired heater on the market. This means a higher BTU/CFM ratio and lower operating costs. Pre-qualified for EPAct Federal tax deductions when used in eligible buildings.

  • 4.  160°F Certified Heater

    Despite misleading claims by our competitors, Cambridge is still the only manufacturer certified to ANSI Standard Z83.4/CSA 3.7 with a heater that will take 0°F inlet air and heat it through a 160°F temperature rise to achieve a max discharge temperature of 160°F. The max 160°F rating for both temperature rise and outlet temperature is crucial for space heating applications. It translates into a smaller, more energy efficient heater that uses a lower horsepower motor and most important of all, will heat a building using less outside air.

  • 5.  Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint
    High temperature rise, Blow-Thru® Space Heaters are 40% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat/ventilate large commercial and industrial facilities. Saving energy means a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions to reduce your building’s carbon footprint. Cambridge heaters are recommended for LEED/Green buildings.

  • 6.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    Cambridge® heaters use 100% fresh air to improve IAQ. There are no IAQ problems from reheating and partial incineration of indoor air as with gas-fired equipment certified to ANSI Standard Z83.18 for recirculating
    type heaters.

  • 7.  Lower Installation Costs
    Smaller, lightweight, pre-piped and pre-wired Cambridge heaters are available with five mounting options, including the popular “thru-wall” design for easier installation.

  • 8.  Reliability
    With Cambridge you know it will ship on time and it will always work. Cambridge® heaters require little maintenance and are built to last. All units include the rugged stainless steel Cambridge Burner with a 5-year warranty. The complete heater has a 2-year warranty.

  • 9.  Best Customer Support
    Cambridge has factory-trained sales/service representatives throughout North America who provide: heating and ventilating system design assistance, building heat loads, operating cost analysis, factory start-up and field service support. Surveys show that Cambridge provides the best overall customer support.

  • 10.  We Have the Proof
    Saying it and doing it are two different things. We back up our claims with documented proof, including computer modeling and a growing list of over 400 onsite building studies and customer testimonials.

    See sample comparison study below.

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