ITH-Series Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

Cambridge infrared heaters are a cost effective, energy efficient solution for heating small buildings or providing focused spot heating within large buildings by using radiant heat. Like the sun, these heaters generate radiant energy that is converted to heat when first absorbed by people, objects in the building and the floor.  

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Projects: New construction, plant expansions, rehab projects, HVAC upgrades and energy saving retrofits

Applications: Aircraft hangars, arenas, atriums, auto service & repair shops, barns, car dealerships, cargo facilities, entryways, farm & agricultural buildings, fire stations, freeze protections, garages, gymnasiums, kennels, loading docks, machine shops, maintenance buildings, manufacturing & assembly areas, pole tents, recreational facilities, restaurants, retail stores, sports facilities, spot heating, stadiums, steel storage, truck terminals, small warehouses, wood working shops, zone heating. 

Primary Heat Source: When infrared heaters are used as the building’s primary heating system, air in the facility is warmed by convection using energy stored in the floor which becomes the main source of building heat. Direct radiant heating of people and the floor permits an acceptable level of comfort at lower ambient air temperatures which can save energy by in effect “turning down the thermostat.” Typical applications include small facilities up to 50,000 sq. ft. with open spaces, concrete floors and ceiling heights less than 50 ft.  Infrared heaters should be used with an outside air make-up heating system if the building has a powered exhaust system for ventilation

Secondary Heat Source:  Infrared heaters are often used as a secondary heat source for spot and zone heating small occupied spaces like dock door areas in large facilities. Combination heating systems using Cambridge infrared radiant heaters with larger capacity direct-fired Cambridge Blow-Thru® Space heaters or make-up air heaters can be a cost effective building heating solution for many applications.

Why Building Owners Choose Cambridge ITH-Series Infrared Tube Heaters

  • The industry’s most efficient reflector to maximize the amount of radiant energy that reaches the floor.
  • Flexible heater placement provides focused heat where it is most needed
  • Lack of air movement is an advantage in dusty applications
  • Up to 50% energy savings versus indirect gas-fired boiler, unit heater and air turnover heating systems