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Reduce heating costs, improve indoor air quality and generate more profit dollars for your Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities.

Why should you consider replacing or supplementing your existing Space Heating/Make-up air system with Genuine Cambridge?

You have probably read articles about energy efficiency as it applies to industrial lighting and refrigeration systems, but what about the cost to operate and maintain your heating/ventilating equipment?

If your existing manufacturing facility, warehouse or distribution center is currently not using Genuine Cambridge Direct Gas-Fired Blow-Thru® Space Heaters, Make-Up Air Heaters or Infrared Radiant Heaters, then you could be wasting a lot of expensive natural gas with only a 50% to 85% efficient system. Cambridge Direct-Fired Heaters, with the industry's highest performance burners, deliver 100% of available BTUs to the heated space because no flue or heat exchanger is required.

Compared to other heating systems, you can save up to 70% per year on your combined gas and electric energy costs by installing a Genuine Cambridge Direct Fired Heating System. Learn More…

High gas and electric bills, excessive maintenance costs, negative air pressure problems, poor indoor air quality, reduced productivity due to employee complaints about cold dock doors or an inefficient heating/ventilating system all adversely impact a company's profitability. Cambridge provides the LOWEST TOTAL COST.
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Our Blow-Thru Space Heaters can qualify for EPAct Federal tax deductions when used in eligible buildings. So, just like for a lighting retrofit project, installing a new energy efficient Cambridge heating system can be an easy way to get big tax benefits and reduce payback to less than just one year. Learn More…

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