Cambridge Space Heater vs. Infrared (Radiant) Heating System for
Large Buildings*

Warehouse #1

Warehouse #2

Warehouse with Cambridge Heating System
Warehouse with Infrared (Radiant) Heating System
150,000 ft2 x 27' high, R-15 Roof/R-12 Walls
100,000 ft2 x 28' high, R-15 Roof/R-12 Walls

Cambridge Space Heating System

Infrared (Radiant) Heating System

•  (2) Direct Gas-
   Fired Blow-Thru
   Space Heaters
•  Thru-Wall Mounting
  • 2,912 MBH Total
  • 13,880 CFM Total
•  (24) Gas-Fired    Infrared Tube    Heaters
•  Suspended    Mounting at 22'
•  4,200 MBH Total
•  No ventilation with
   outside air

Gas Cost
$ .75/therm


The Cambridge Space Heating System used 41% less gas per sq. ft. of floor space and provided ventilation.

If Warehouse #2 had installed a high efficiency Cambridge Space Heating System they could
have saved

* Cambridge ITH-Series Infrared heaters can be a cost effective way to provide focused energy efficient heat for smaller buildings and spot heating applications. Learn More > Cambridge Infrared Heaters