Restaurant Kitchen Make-Up Air

Make-Up Air Heater

FACILITY: Restaurants located through out the U.S and Canada


  • Restaurants need tempered outside make-up air to replace indoor air exhausted from the restaurant's kitchen ventilation system. If replacement air doesn't come into the kitchen, the "used" air does not go out the exhaust hood and problems begin.
  • Insufficient make-up air will cause the building pressure to become too negative. This creates indoor air quality problems because the kitchen ventilation system will not adequately exhaust all cooking fumes.
  • Sufficient make-up air must also be provided to the restaurant in order to prevent air infiltration and odors from the kitchen reaching customers in the dining area.
  • The restaurant kitchen designer wants to specify make-up air heating equipment from an experienced, nationally known manufacturer certified to the latest safety standards.
  • The HVAC contractor wants a make-up air unit that is easy to install and set-up with readily available factory support when the unexpected happens.
  • The restaurant owner needs a safe, reliable direct gas-fired make-up air heater that is energy efficient and will help minimize his operating costs.


  • Genuine Cambridge® direct gas-fired make-up air heaters are recognized as the best and most energy efficient way to provide tempered make-up air for restaurant kitchen applications.
  • Direct gas-fired make-up air heaters used for commercial kitchen applications in the U.S and Canada must now be certified to a new ANSI Safety Standard Z83.4/CSA 3.7. Cambridge Engineering helped to write this safety standard and was the first manufacturer certified to it.
  • Cambridge make-up air heaters have external profile damper adjustment and a built-in pressure gauge to reduce contractor start-up time and ensure optimal heater performance.
  • The Cambridge stainless steel gas burner and flame rod reduce maintenance and extend service life.
  • Cambridge "special solutions" include cooling options and variable frequency drive (VFD) controls for increased energy efficiency.


  • Architect/Engineers, contractors and restaurant owners have specified and used energy efficient Cambridge direct gas-fired make-up air heaters for commercial kitchen applications since the 1970's.
  • Just look at the partial list of satisfied users of Cambridge make-up air heaters and ventilation equipment for restaurant and commercial kitchen applications.

List of Restaurants

Anthony's Pizza
Bakery Barn
Best Western Hotels
Bonanza Steakhouse
Buffalo Wild Wings
Burger King
Casa Gallardo
China Dragon
Diary Queen
Dublin Steak House
El Maguey
Embassy Suites
Four Seasons
Gabrielle's Restaurant
Gemini Deli
Golden Palace
Hard Rock Café
Heinen's Fine Foods
Hilton Hotels
Hoffman House
Holiday Inns
J. Edwards Seafood

Japanese Steak House
IMO'S Pizza
International House of Pancakes
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Le Peep
Macaroni Grill
Marco's Pizza
Marriott Hotels
Max and Erma's
New England Culinary
Red Robin
Sal & Carvao
Sammy's Steak House
Steak 'n Shake
Taco Rico
Tokyo Sushi
The Country Rotisserie
The Magic Pan
The Pasta House Company
Wok Express



Steak N Shake