Airport and Aircraft Hangar

FACILITIES: Large aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings and air cargo warehouses


  • Need energy efficient space heat and ventilation for buildings with big open spaces, high ceilings and large doors that are frequently opened and closed
  • Long recovery time to re-heat buildings from use of large hangar doors or multiple warehouse dock doors
  • Not enough heat to offset cold winter air infiltration rates
  • Flywheel effect from radiant floor heating systems that overheat the building and waste energy in milder climates and on milder days
  • Indoor air quality problems associated with re-circulated building air containing contaminants from aircraft, fuel handling, forklift trucks and out gassing from stored materials
  • Poorly designed heating systems cause uneven heating that results in uncomfortable workers and floor-to ceiling temperature stratification that wastes energy
  • Current indirect-fired heating systems with heat exchangers are not energy efficient, require a flue roof penetration, provide no building ventilation and therefore need to be upgraded


  • Genuine CambridgeŽ direct-fired Blow-ThruŽ space heaters are the most cost-effective and energy efficient heating/ventilating solution for large aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings and air cargo warehouses
  • Less gas piping and wiring is required compared to other heating systems for lower installation costs
  • Direct-fired Cambridge heaters do not require a heat exchanger or flue. There is no wasted energy. 100% of the heat goes into the building saving energy and reducing operating costs
  • The powerful Blow-Thru design and proprietary Cambridge burner provide the highest Btu/cfm ratio. This provides the fastest response, most precise temperature control and uses less energy than other slower response heating technologies. It's the best solution for cold winter air infiltration problems, provides faster recovery times to re-heat buildings with large door activity and eliminates over heating from the flywheel effect in milder climates and milder days
  • High velocity, non-recirculated discharge air provides both needed ventilation and fresh air flowing throughout the building. This eliminates overheated floor areas, high ceiling temperatures, stratification and uncomfortable cold door areas


  • Engineers, contractors, airport operators and aircraft hangar owners have specified and used dependable, energy efficient Cambridge direct fired heating equipment for over 20 years.
  • 40% to 70% energy savings has been documented versus other heating technologies in buildings with ceiling heights up to 70 ft.
  • Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling temperature variances of less than 5°F during cold winter months are common, compared to 10° to 20° F for other heating technologies including in-floor radiant heating systems
  • Service contractors now recommend easy-to-install wall, ceiling or roof mounted Cambridge Blow-Thru Space Heaters as a green cost effective replacement for inefficient indirect fired heating systems. They improve indoor air quality, provide more even heating, save energy and reduce operating costs

Here is a partial list of aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings and airport cargo warehouses that use Cambridge heating equipment:

Brigham City Airport Hangar
Broom County Airport Hangar
Carver Aero Aircraft Hangar
Columbus Int’l Airport Warehouse
Deere & Co. Aircraft Hangar
Delta Airlines Baggage Handling
DHL Airways Cargo Buildings
Dynamic Aviation Hangar
Executive Air Hangar
Flying J Aircraft Hanger
Gateway Tech Aviation Center
Golden Giant Aircraft Hangar
Goodfellow Air Force Base
Great River Heliport Hangar
Griffith City Airport Hangar
Hill Air Force Base Hangar
John Deere Corporate Hangar
Linden Airport Warehouses
Liz Claiborne Aircraft Hangar

Majestic Airport Warehouse
McClellan Air Park Hangar
Metro Airport Ctr. Warehouse
Midcoast Aviation Hangar
Mobil Air Transport Warehouse
Northwest Maint. Facilities
O’Hare Airport Cargo Facilities
Pease Air Force Base Hangar
Platinum Aviation Hangar
PSA Airlines Hangar
Richmor Aviation Hangar
Saberliner Hangar
Satellite Air Cargo
Seaway Aviation Hangar
Shawnee City Airport Hangar
Sheltair Aviation Hangar
Southwest Airlines Hangar
Tinker Air Force Base
U.S. Air Cargo Facilities

Regional Airport Hangar

New York Airport Hangar

Maintenance Hangar

Large Cargo Hangar

Air Museum

Cambridge Airport

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